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“Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old” (Isaiah 43: 18-19).

Leroy “Satchel” Paige was a baseball star with the Negro Leagues who later played in the Majors. Though he was an excellent player, noted for his fastball and showmanship, sportswriters often criticized, ridiculed, and over-looked him. In spike of his troubles, he was still able to counsel others with many witty statements.  One of those statements that we can all adopt as our own is “Don’t look back – something might be gaining on you.”

In his acceptance speech to the Hall of Fame, Paige said that that “Don’t look back” statement kept him going through all the hard times in his life.  Like Paige, we can all profit from focusing ahead rather than looking back.

In Isaiah 43: 18-19, God urged his chosen people to forget the things of old.  Sure, He was speaking to Israel assuring them of a future victory in escaping an impending oppression.  However, I hear Him speaking to you and me as well.  His lesson to us is this: We should not cling to the things in our past, especially those things that have cause us great harm.  For, if we hang on to the injuries from our past, we can never behold the healing that awaits us in our future.  If we are truly God’s children, our future is always brighter than our past.  How?  It holds the promise of a wonderful hope – a new life in Him.

As we journey into 2016, let us remember to leave these horrible things behind:  hate, hurt, anger, pain, fear, and doubt.  They burden us and prevent us from arriving safely to our destination – a bountiful life today and an everlasting life in your future.

Prayer:    Heavenly Father, as we travel life’s journey, rid us of the temptation to look back.  Help us to break free of those things that will imprison us in the past.  Always, keep our eyes straight ahead – focused on you.   In Jesus name, we pray.  Amen.




Here is an example of what to expect from my new book,

Escape for Mothers of Prisoners

When you feel scorn, read . . .

Love the Scorner

“But I say unto to you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which spitefully use you, and persecute you” (Matthew 5: 44 KJV).

Mothers are angels sent from God entrusted with the care of His children. They have been given special qualities such as love, understanding, kindness, and care to guarantee that they do an excellent job. When their children are successful, they are called good mothers, but when their children are not, mothers are often ridiculed and scorned.

When my child was sentenced to jail, he literally lost his name. Instead of being called by his name, he was referred to as Mrs. Davis’s child. I felt that I was defined by my child’s actions and ridiculed through the persuasive technique called association. Calling me the mother of a troublesome child was saying to the world that I too was bad. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that I wanted to disassociate from my child. What I am saying is that we mothers should be recognized because of our accomplishments – not by our children’s short comings or personal achievements. Too often, doing so will present an eschewed picture of the child or of the mother.

People often mask their shortcoming by ridiculing some fault in others. Really, if we uncover the mask of those who belittle us, we will find that they are hurting and have many more problems than we ever had. Because this is true, we should always take the higher road. What do I mean by that? Instead of fighting back or degrading ourselves by retaliating with sarcastic remarks, we should pray for those who seem to find pleasure in pointing out our faults. In other words, love the scorner.

What good is there in praying for enemies or loving the scorner? Praying for those who spitefully use you reflects that you understand their masked feeling and that you love them. Moreover, when you love your enemies, you prove your love for God and show the world a view of God’s perfect love which rains on both the just and the unjust. In the end, because you love those who hate you, you are rewarded greatly.

Prayer: Heavenly Father give us the strength to ignore the scorn and ridicule of others. Help us to always take the higher road and love both our friends and our enemies so that we may be a living example of your perfect love to the world. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.


When you’re a victim of scorner’s hate,
Because of what your child has done,
Hold your head high and don’t you frown
Nor stoop to low levels on the ground.

Pray for your enemies and all of those
Who dare point you out in hate.
Rest assured that they may feel
What you feel some later date.




This clever and Inspirational book written by Glory S. Davis is what every mother of a prisoner needs . . . in order to experience a spiritual lift.

Escape for Mothers of Prisoners is a book specially designed to help the mother who struggles each day because her son or daughter is behind bars. The life of a prisoner’s mother is not an easy one. It is essential that she receives both spiritual and emotional support. Because this is true, Glory S. Davis has written the perfect book to give mothers of prisoners a chance to uplift their souls.

This inspiring book contains poems, prayers, meditations, and scriptures that are written to provide hope and guidance to the mother whose soul is broken because of a son or daughter’s incarceration. Glory Davis understands from personal experience the emotional roller coaster that a mother rides when her child is in prison. She knows the hurt; for she herself has felt the pain. Because she understands how devastating the role of a mother of a prisoner is, Glory S. Davis has utilized her experience as a certified lay speaker in the United Methodist Church and as an adult Bible class teacher to write Escape for Mothers of Prisoners. 

Again, the purpose of the book is to inspire, to give guidance, and to strengthen the spiritual life of a mother of a prisoner.  However, if you are not the mother of a prisoner, Mrs. Davis wants you to know that her book is a spiritual, self-help book, which is the perfect gift for a mother of a prisoner who is in need of a spiritual lift.  Buy one for a friend.

Escape for Mothers of Prisoners, just released this February, 2016, is available for purchase from Amazon, Create Space, and through her website at





“I was glad when they said unto me; let us go into the house of the Lord (Psalms 122: 1).

            There is no greater joy than the joy felt when returning home after being away for some time. The trip toward home is always long; maybe it seems that way because of the eagerness to see friends and family again or because of the anticipation of the joyful times that you have planned.

Going home, I can hardly wait to pull into the yard again to see friends and family or perhaps to taste some down-home cooking.   When I am finally there, I am never disappointed. The bond with my sisters and brothers, the visit with neighbors, and, oh, the comfort and security of home give me a joy that I cannot express in words. Yes, I am always glad when anyone say to me, “Let’s go home.”

For a child of God, going to the house of Lord is similar to going home again. However, because he knows that his journey will eventually lead to a life with God, a Christian’s joy is greater, much greater than that felt by a child just returning home to see Mom and Dad. Why is it? Christians know that God has a beautiful kingdom prepared by Him especially for all those who love Him.

So that we can live everlastingly in unspeakable joy, Let us spend each day preparing to go home to God.

Prayer:   Dear God, I thank you for the home that you have prepared for us. I pray that everyone desires to come home to live with you free from the cares of the world.   In Jesus’ name, I pray. Am


WIN_20140915_004053 (2)

I am the way, the truth and the life.  No man cometh to the Father but by me”  (John 14: 6).

A Garmin is a Global Positioning System that gives directions to any desired destination in the US. Just type in the address of where you are going, and it will direct you there. If by chance you take the wrong road, it will tell you to stop and guide you in the right direction. It is almost impossible to get lost with a Garmin on board while traveling.

Have you ever worried about the way to eternal life? Wouldn’t it wonderful if we could use a Garmin to guide us there, too? It would, but heaven is outside of the Garmin’s vast network.   On the other hand, we do have something that is more effective than a Garmin – the Bible. If we follow it, there is no need to worry about the way to eternal life. Better than the Garmin, it will get us there.

In John 14: 6, Jesus tells us that He is the way . In other words,  He is the mediator between God and man- the road up which we must all travel to get to the kingdom. According to His directions, first , we must believe, repent, be baptized (Acts 2:38).  Second, we must follow His statures and do all the good we can  (Ephesians 2:10).  If we fail to measure up to His standards and get on the wrong road, remember that “He is just to forgive” (1 John 1:9).  Like a Garmin, the Bible will  redirect us to the right road.

Finally, remember this: Jesus has said that He was going to prepare a place for us in his father’s house (John 14: 1-2). Remain faithful to Him, and He will remain faithful to His word.

Prayer: Heavenly father, we thank you for your son Jesus who suffered and died so that we might have eternal life. Help us to follow His directions so that none will get lost as we travel the way home to you.   In Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen.


“That in the dispensation of the fullness of time he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth, even in Him” (Ephesians: 1:10).

            Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream of racial equality. He dreamed that one day all people, black and white, in America would live together in harmony united under one creed. I, too, have a dream. It also deals with unity, but not necessarily with races. I have a dream that one day all God’s people, both those who love Him and those who despise Him now, will unite as one in Him.

In my dream before Christ’s second coming, all people on earth will put their faith in Him. Even those who are Satan’s disciples and who have been children of darkness all their lives, will bow –not just out of fear, but out of faith — to Christ near the end of time. On the day when everyone is truly united in Christ, the trumpeter will signal the “fullness of time.” It is then that Jesus will gather all His creation unto Him. In my dream, no one will be lost.

Some may argue that my dream is contrary to all prophetic teachings about the end time. It certainly is, but still I dream. Why Not? My hope and faith is in a God of love, a God of mercy, a God of grace.   I believe in a forgiving God who has taught me to love my enemies and to do good to those who despitefully use me. What will keep Him from accepting all into His kingdom if all turn to Him and truly lift Him up? My answer is … nothing!

In Matthew 28: 18-20, we read the Great Commission. In it, Jesus instructs His disciples to go into the entire world to teach people about Him and to baptize all in the name of the trinity. It seems to me that from the very beginning, Jesus’ intentions were that all come to know Him and be saved from hell and damnation. Is that not why He allowed His crucifixion?

As Christians, it is our duty to evangelize the world and to unite all people unto God. We all have a role to play in God’s plan for us. Are you doing your part to make sure that Jesus’ invitation and my dream of salvation for all come true?

Prayer: Heavenly Father,   we pray that you withhold your wrath and judgment until all gather around your throne and worship you in truth. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.




Below is an example of what you can expect from it.  READ AND ENJOY!!

Burdened by Life’s Journey, Feel Free to Stop

“All that the father giveth  me shall come to me; and him that come to me I will in no wise cast out” (John 6:37).

               Our house sat by the side of a railroad track, no more than a hundred yards away. The trains of 25 to 30 cars rumbled and thundered by several times a day in the late fifties and sixties. You would think that the noise was distracting, but it was not. I guess the noise, like bad smells, deadened our sense overtime so that those of us living near the track were not bothered by it. There was one thing though that was quite a nuisance. It was the never ending string of hobos or vagabonds that drifted from the train to our house in search of food, clothes, odd jobs, or a night’s lodging. To my dismay, my father never turned any of them away. When I asked him why, he said, “You should never turn a stranger away from your door.”

When I grew older, I realized that Dad was following Jesus’ example.   According to John 6:37, Jesus never rejects anyone who comes to Him either. He accepts all because He wants all to be saved. In fact, He constantly extends an invitation to any wayward traveler. It doesn’t matter if you are a drug addict, a murderer, a liar, a child abuser, an African American, a Mexican, a Muslim, a sex offender, an AIDS patient, or a homeless person. His cry to you is, “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).

Overtime, many trains stopped their regular schedules, and hobos faded away into history. Dad died in the eighties, but the house still stands by the side of the railroad. Just as Jesus’ invitation still stands offering a rescue mission to all who are willing to come. So, if you are burdened by life’s journey, feel free to stop. He will not cast you out.

Dear God, we thank you for your gracious invitation to come to you. May all respond willingly knowing that you will provide an everlasting home free from all cares? In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Sometimes I look at Sinners

front cover_sinners jpeg

Sometimes I Look at Sinners is a collection of eight, thought-provoking, insightful stories, each teaching a divine truth about Christian living. Most of the stories contain lessons about sin. Take for example the title story, “Sometimes I Look at Sinners.” In it, an evil force flings Mallory Davis, an innocent schoolteacher, into a web of hate that robs her of everything valuable, including her job, her husband, and her son. The lead story, “The Landlord’s Glass Houses,” pokes fun at the main character’s meager and useless attempt to hide sin. He manages to hide a secret sin from his friends and neighbors but faces exposure by an angry, abandoned lover. Serving as an interlude from the serious subject of sin is Georgia’s Date, a fanciful story, that actually presents a common theory about the nature of dying. In all, the stories will entertain you, inform you, and just may convince you to live free from sin.





The following is an interview that I did with book tour radio. I hope you find it informative. Glory
Written Interview Questions for: Glory Davis

Hi Glory,

The following are questions that I think will make for an enriching interview so readers will get to know you.
Sometimes I Look at Sinners: A Collection of Short Stories


Glory you have had an amazing career of over 43 years as an educator. During any of that time did you consider any writing projects?

Yes, off course. I was an English and speech teacher in secondary school. I wrote many skits, plays, and speeches for students. But, I was too busy to do anything professional.

When did you realize that there was a writer in you yearning to express herself?

Near the end of my career, I attended the South Mississippi Writing Project Summer Institute at the University of Southern Mississippi. Because I was complimented and encouraged, I caught the bug there and decided that whenever I got the chance, I would try my hand at it. After retiring, I was so bored that I started writing meditations. From there, I wrote eight stories which I published.

Today we will be discussing your book:
Sometimes I Look at Sinners: A Collection of Short Stories.
Is this your first published book?

Yes, it is.

What was your inspiration to write this book?

Many people look at America and worry about the economy; I, however, looked at America and worried about man’s separation for God and his propensity to sin. I thought that I would try to do something to put America back on the course toward being the religious country that it was in the beginning… for which it was founded.

Tell us what readers can expect to find in:
Sometimes I Look at Sinners: A Collection of Short Stories.

My readers can expect to fine eight delightful stories with religious themes. They can also expect to learn or be reminded of religious truths about honesty, dying, lost hope, deception, fornication, and many other forms of sin.

What do you hope will be the impact on readers after they read your short stories?

I hope that they will find the lessons presented in a funny and entertaining way. However, I want the readers to take the stories seriously, to recognize and to internalize each of the themes. It is my wish that my stories win souls for Christ.

Do you have your next writing project in the works?
If so, can you give us any hints of what comes next?

I have completed a book of meditations, Outside the Gates of Heaven, which I plan to publish by the end of this year. I have also completed a self-help book, Escape for Mothers of Prisoners. I plan to publish it soon after my second book. After those books are published, I am going to write sequels to several of my stories.

What advice would you give to other writers who are in a sense “waiting to retire” to pursue their writing passions?

I would advise them to read, read, read and read some more. It is also helpful to keep a journal, not only a reflective one, but one in which they record descriptions of people, places, and interesting conversations. The journal will be very helpful, especially when writing fiction. Lastly, I would advise them to learn the business of publishing and of promoting books.

Can we use the book cover and your picture from your website to include with the interview? Yes, you have my permission.

Thank you, Glory,
We look forward to featuring you and your book on our site.
Please also let us know if you have any of the following: