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Last night I dreamed a dream . . .

Of A celebration of life I read.

“I’ll go and have some fun.” I thought.

“This ole house is boring and dead.”


I dressed in my best attire

To be the bell of the ball.

But when I arrived, to my surprise,

There was no party at all.


No balloons or banners were seen

Hanging beautifully on the wall,

Nor was there a bar in the room

With refreshing drinks for us all.


But in the front of the room there lay

A dark gray casket opened wide

And mourners gathered all around

With tears flowing from their eyes.


“A funeral!  What a mistake!

This is no party at all,

But it’s a solemn celebration

For a soul answering her call”


“Who could that be lying there,”

In a sad, soft voice I sighed.

When I walked to view the body

I mourned a mournful cry.


It was I . . . lying quietly asleep

As if in a peaceful dream,

But when my life paraded by

I saw a ghastly scene.


My face was wrinkled and grotesque

With worms crawling through my eyes.

My   hair was gray, unkempt, and wooly.

It was sad to see how I lived and died


I never thought of this before,

But to our funeral we all must go,

And see and hear our lives replayed

Like a drama upon a stage.


When your time on earth is spent

And before you . . . your life is played,

Make sure that after you see you,

You will be proud of the choices made.



Of life today I write

Trying to understand it with all my might.

Help me, Lord, to easily see

The answers to life’s mystery.


Why do evil men exist

Without God’s cry of cease and desist?


Why must we be born in sin

To die a death to live again?


Why does racism infest our souls

And kill black men in unmerciful tolls?


Why do liars lie when truth will do

And swear to stories that just aren’t true?


Why can’t   restless men be content

And sleep in peace when the day is spent?


Why do sinful men grasp and steal

And for money will easily kill?


Why so many spend their youthful years

Wasted on fun, folly, and . . . fears?


Why isn’t life an easy book

To be understood with just one look?

Why must we think so hard to see

The answers to life’s mystery?





misty mort 4


The devil is a real and present danger.

But, he is not so easily discerned.

For he lives disguised among us

Secretly seeking to destroy and burn.


He flashes a pearly white smile,

And to the innocent unsuspecting eye,

He gives a slap on the back

And seems a friendly guy.


He says you’re a friend forever

Smiling sweetly in your face,

But as soon as you are gone,

He calls you a sad disgrace.


Loyalty and trust are buzzwords

Spoken by him in vain.

For he will stab a friend in the heart

And show no remorse or shame.


Yes, the devil is a real and present danger,

Secretly seeking to steal your soul.

Guard it  with all your might

Like a watchman would a bag of gold.




From His throne in heaven above,

God commanded all to love.

Too often to reach that highest bar,

We must love some from afar.


For the world is so dark with hate and sin,

It’s almost impossible to love some men.

Every time we reach out to try,

They break our hearts and make us cry.


Be it far from me to disobey.

So that is why I’ll always say.

To reach God’s highest bar,

I must love some from afar.

                                          Glory S. Davis





What in the world is the world coming to?

Is God destroying it to make it anew?


Storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and more:

 Trouble looms, it seems, on every shore.                             

Massive fire engulfs Cali’s land,  

Threatening life on every hand.


The KKK, Breitbart and Antifa, too:

Our country is run by an unlikely crew.

A foolish president and all his men

Are setting us years and years back again


Brothers are killing brothers and mothers too.

Government is taking advantage of all you.

The church is not doing the best it can

To destroy sin and save this land.


What in the world is the world coming to.

Is God destroying it to make it anew?













This is my America; you can like it or not.
Given a choice between injustice and grace,
we often choose WRONG with all its shame
Rather than give decency its right place.

This is my America; you can like it or not.
I, on the other hand, like what I’ve got.

Though we fall short in some areas,
We still stand strong, trusted and tall,
For with our many more good points,
We cast a shadow on the rest of them all.

This is my America; you can like it or not.
I, on the other hand, like what I got.


woman hostageLife for me has been good

And I’ve lived the best I could,

But I dare not say

That I did it my way.


I grew up in Old South,

And I learned very early on

 To “Be a good girl and mine your mouth.”

I was scared and not really free

To speak against what bothered me.


Thank God there were other men

Who cried out against racial   sins

And uncovered for the world to see

Just how cruel injustice can be.


Oh hats off to those players brave

Who feared not their fortunes to save.

For in kneeling down on one knee,

They stand tall to keep us free.






Where Is Our God??

Where is our God

While we collapse under the weight of sin?

Where is our God

As we moan the destruction of men?


Where is His judgement?

Does it linger in wait for the end?

Or, does it attacks in little spurts unnoticed,

Destroying a few here and there for sin?


Where is His mercy?

Does it linger in wait for the end?            i

Or, is it woven within the fabric of life,

Protecting His from evil again and again?


Where is the peace of our God?

Does it linger in wait for the end?

Or, is it resting quietly within us,

Displaying hope and happy to all men?


We who recognize God as Savior

Should answer all these questions and more.

For God with His mercy, peace, and judgement

Is always knocking at our door.