A long life of reasonable health and strength

Is a testament of a good life, a good life well spent.

So when you see Aunt Mel at home or Sunday school

Know that she spent her life clinging to God’s rules.


Like no other, she radiates a calm, quiet spirit

And no one can come near it

For she is so gentle, gracious and kind

Another one like her is very hard to find.


What do you expect a ninety-one year old to show

When you see her daily as she   come and go?

An old person that’s broken down

In a wheel chair and carried all around?


Oh no, not our Aunt Mel.

She is an independent lady that’s doing quite well.

She’s not an old person just happy to be alive;

She’s a young soul that moves like fifty, maybe sixty-five.


She a classy lady that’s a classy dresser.

Take a look now and assess her.

From her head down to her feet. . .

Nothing is out-of-place or off beat.


And what do you expect a nonagenarian to know

When you see her daily as she come and go?

Is she a forgetful person who knows nothing at all

Who has no recent memory or long-term recall?


Oh no, not our Aunt Mell

Ask her. She can tell wonderful tales

Of life’s good fortunes and all its ails,

Of hurricanes and destructive storms,

And how she made it over in God’s loving arms.


Watch her in church school or Bible class

She’s not the first, but certainly not the last.

She volunteers for a report before some of the rest

And she seldom complains about taking a test.


So, when you see Aunt Mel,

You see a beautiful angel sent

To display her life as a testament

For us to use as our personal guide

To lead us home to God’s loving side.










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