Of life today I write

Trying to understand it with all my might.

Help me, Lord, to easily see

The answers to life’s mystery.


Why do evil men exist

Without God’s cry of cease and desist?


Why must we be born in sin

To die a death to live again?


Why does racism infest our souls

And kill black men in unmerciful tolls?


Why do liars lie when truth will do

And swear to stories that just aren’t true?


Why can’t   restless men be content

And sleep in peace when the day is spent?


Why do sinful men grasp and steal

And for money will easily kill?


Why so many spend their youthful years

Wasted on fun, folly, and . . . fears?


Why isn’t life an easy book

To be understood with just one look?

Why must we think so hard to see

The answers to life’s mystery?