Written by Glory S. Davis

My guiding stars are points of lights

Set on my path to lead me right.

They are parts of the Master’s plan

To steer me through this earthly land.


Sometimes my stars are not really friends.

Their only goal is to scheme my end.

But they are always surprise to see

That God’s plan is to favor of me.


And though they scheme all day long

God’s Will is oh so strong.

All their plots to hurt or harm me

Advance God’s plans to set me free.


Sometimes my stars are total strangers

Set in my way as personal road angels

To guide me away from the danger ahead

Saving me from pending doom and dread.


Yes, my Lord paved a path, you see

And set shinning stars to favor me.

As I journey this life day by day,

God guides me in His wondrous way.