(A poem I wrote for VHS Black History Program)
I came to VHS today
To say in my own special way:
There is another set of three.
God himself willed it to be.

He commanded us to love one another;
To be kind to our sister and brother.
Because of that we may never do
What our first mind tells us to.

Though our enemies call us names
Or treat us bad and slap us insane,
We must turn the other cheek
And always remain peaceful and meek.

When we set our goals high
And men scoff at our very best try.
We can’t fall down to our knees.
If we just keep trying, we will succeed.

If people don’t respect us.
God forbids us to fight or fuss.
We must treat others in the same way
We want to be treated every day.

Yes, freedom is never really free.
It comes with restraints you see.
Our freedom will quickly end
When we infringe the rights of men.

Reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmatic are find.
They do well to develop the mind.
But, respect, resilience, and responsibility
Do much more to keep us free.

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