“I was glad when they said unto me; let us go into the house of the Lord (Psalms 122: 1).

            There is no greater joy than the joy felt when returning home after being away for some time. The trip toward home is always long; maybe it seems that way because of the eagerness to see friends and family again or because of the anticipation of the joyful times that you have planned.

Going home, I can hardly wait to pull into the yard again to see friends and family or perhaps to taste some down-home cooking.   When I am finally there, I am never disappointed. The bond with my sisters and brothers, the visit with neighbors, and, oh, the comfort and security of home give me a joy that I cannot express in words. Yes, I am always glad when anyone say to me, “Let’s go home.”

For a child of God, going to the house of Lord is similar to going home again. However, because he knows that his journey will eventually lead to a life with God, a Christian’s joy is greater, much greater than that felt by a child just returning home to see Mom and Dad. Why is it? Christians know that God has a beautiful kingdom prepared by Him especially for all those who love Him.

So that we can live everlastingly in unspeakable joy, Let us spend each day preparing to go home to God.

Prayer:   Dear God, I thank you for the home that you have prepared for us. I pray that everyone desires to come home to live with you free from the cares of the world.   In Jesus’ name, I pray. Am

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