“I was glad when they said unto me; let us go into the house of the Lord (Psalms 122: 1).

            There is no greater joy than the joy felt when returning home after being away for some time. The trip toward home is always long; maybe it seems that way because of the eagerness to see friends and family again or because of the anticipation of the joyful times that you have planned.

Going home, I can hardly wait to pull into the yard again to see friends and family or perhaps to taste some down-home cooking.   When I am finally there, I am never disappointed. The bond with my sisters and brothers, the visit with neighbors, and, oh, the comfort and security of home give me a joy that I cannot express in words. Yes, I am always glad when anyone say to me, “Let’s go home.”

For a child of God, going to the house of Lord is similar to going home again. However, because he knows that his journey will eventually lead to a life with God, a Christian’s joy is greater, much greater than that felt by a child just returning home to see Mom and Dad. Why is it? Christians know that God has a beautiful kingdom prepared by Him especially for all those who love Him.

So that we can live everlastingly in unspeakable joy, Let us spend each day preparing to go home to God.

Prayer:   Dear God, I thank you for the home that you have prepared for us. I pray that everyone desires to come home to live with you free from the cares of the world.   In Jesus’ name, I pray. Am


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I am the way, the truth and the life.  No man cometh to the Father but by me”  (John 14: 6).

A Garmin is a Global Positioning System that gives directions to any desired destination in the US. Just type in the address of where you are going, and it will direct you there. If by chance you take the wrong road, it will tell you to stop and guide you in the right direction. It is almost impossible to get lost with a Garmin on board while traveling.

Have you ever worried about the way to eternal life? Wouldn’t it wonderful if we could use a Garmin to guide us there, too? It would, but heaven is outside of the Garmin’s vast network.   On the other hand, we do have something that is more effective than a Garmin – the Bible. If we follow it, there is no need to worry about the way to eternal life. Better than the Garmin, it will get us there.

In John 14: 6, Jesus tells us that He is the way . In other words,  He is the mediator between God and man- the road up which we must all travel to get to the kingdom. According to His directions, first , we must believe, repent, be baptized (Acts 2:38).  Second, we must follow His statures and do all the good we can  (Ephesians 2:10).  If we fail to measure up to His standards and get on the wrong road, remember that “He is just to forgive” (1 John 1:9).  Like a Garmin, the Bible will  redirect us to the right road.

Finally, remember this: Jesus has said that He was going to prepare a place for us in his father’s house (John 14: 1-2). Remain faithful to Him, and He will remain faithful to His word.

Prayer: Heavenly father, we thank you for your son Jesus who suffered and died so that we might have eternal life. Help us to follow His directions so that none will get lost as we travel the way home to you.   In Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen.


“That in the dispensation of the fullness of time he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth, even in Him” (Ephesians: 1:10).

            Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream of racial equality. He dreamed that one day all people, black and white, in America would live together in harmony united under one creed. I, too, have a dream. It also deals with unity, but not necessarily with races. I have a dream that one day all God’s people, both those who love Him and those who despise Him now, will unite as one in Him.

In my dream before Christ’s second coming, all people on earth will put their faith in Him. Even those who are Satan’s disciples and who have been children of darkness all their lives, will bow –not just out of fear, but out of faith — to Christ near the end of time. On the day when everyone is truly united in Christ, the trumpeter will signal the “fullness of time.” It is then that Jesus will gather all His creation unto Him. In my dream, no one will be lost.

Some may argue that my dream is contrary to all prophetic teachings about the end time. It certainly is, but still I dream. Why Not? My hope and faith is in a God of love, a God of mercy, a God of grace.   I believe in a forgiving God who has taught me to love my enemies and to do good to those who despitefully use me. What will keep Him from accepting all into His kingdom if all turn to Him and truly lift Him up? My answer is … nothing!

In Matthew 28: 18-20, we read the Great Commission. In it, Jesus instructs His disciples to go into the entire world to teach people about Him and to baptize all in the name of the trinity. It seems to me that from the very beginning, Jesus’ intentions were that all come to know Him and be saved from hell and damnation. Is that not why He allowed His crucifixion?

As Christians, it is our duty to evangelize the world and to unite all people unto God. We all have a role to play in God’s plan for us. Are you doing your part to make sure that Jesus’ invitation and my dream of salvation for all come true?

Prayer: Heavenly Father,   we pray that you withhold your wrath and judgment until all gather around your throne and worship you in truth. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.