My Son

My Son

Like a surrogate acting as God’s handmaiden, I brought him forth, not created him but carried him for nine months, labored with him for 12 hours, had my stomach ripped and laced again. I nurse him, fed him, diapered him, washed his snot and tears, and even doctored him.  I saw him off to day care, off to kindergarten, off to grade school, off to high school; I even carried him off to college. For thirty years, I rushed first to summer camps, to little league games, to junior high football, to varsity football, and  off to university plays.

Lately, I noticed that our relationship has flip-flopped.  I no longer drive him; he drives me.  I no longer urge him to be careful, he cautions me to look out.  Our lives have come full circle; for I now am the child.

6 thoughts on “My Son”

  1. I am thankful you were put in my path. After reading your life stories, our paths are so similar. I raise two children as a singular parent. Both participated in all plus many other activities you listed. Both graduated college. Now my son gives me life instructions. Many times I too feel like the child. I was able to recall so many memories thanks to you.


    1. I am more thankful that your generation was a part of my experiences in life. You taught me much more than I ever taught you.
      I am grateful. And, I am glad that you feel as I do about living. It lets me know that I am not alone. Keep in touch and keep reading.


  2. I continue to read and follow all that you have written. They have all been so inspirational. You must continue to find ways to navigate all who are Christians to seek define pathways to the kingdom. I am thankful and always grateful.


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